Real Stories from the Field

Bob hung up the phone and walked out to the parking lot to catch some air. It had been a frustrating morning. He was struggling to see how his project could still be completed on time. Three months ago, Bob (whose name has been changed), a Facility Manager for a nationwide restaurant brand, was working with a general contractor who was completing a list of improvements and ADA accessibility projects to the patio. The team ran into a series obstacles as the job progressed.

Closing & Debranding Your Locations

It’s not anyone’s favorite topic, but in the restaurant industry, it’s a fact of life. To ensure profitability, well run brands recognize store closings as financial lever they can use when the situation merits.

The Lowdown on Cookline Installations

Last month we were excited to share some great news about our Project Managers being trained by FSF Manufacturing in the fine art of measuring and estimating a custom stainless food service installation.  In this blog, let’s take a deeper dive on the subject of cook line replacements.  We’ll share a bit about our process and preparation for this type of job, as well as a time-lapse video of an actual installation.  Let’s get started.

RFS Specializes in Custom Stainless Installations

RFS prides itself on becoming an extension of the Facilities Manager. Part of the value that RFS provides to our clients includes site visits and estimating, especially for complex projects. This fact, combined with of our strong relationship with FSF Manufacturing, means that the facilities we work with receive some of the finest turn-key solutions for cook lines, salad bars, chef’s stations, and other custom stainless steel food service equipment.

Keep the “Main Thing” the “Main Thing”

There’s something about the start of a new year which encourages us to refocus our priorities. Why? The daily grind of the can be tedious and distracting. It’s easy to get caught up in tangents and lose sight of mission. As businessman and author Stephen Covey is famous for saying, you’ve got to work hard to “keep the main thing the main thing.”

Meet The Team: Joe Bell

Our new blog series “Meet the Team” will highlight a different RFS employee in each installment. We have some of the most professional and personable people in the business and we want to share them with you! Today, we are featuring an interview with Joe Bell, the RFS Client Relations Specialist. 

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Tile and Grout Challenges

Tile and grout challenges are the norm in high-traffic, abrasive environments of commercial kitchens. Most facilities professionals have a love/hate relationship with quarry tile flooring...and for good reason. Quarry tile is the product of choice in commercial kitchens for its durability and quality, but often times environmental factors wage air assault on even the most expertly laid tile. Grout presents its own set of challenges.

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7 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Assets

It's 12:30am. The line cook working the range stares at a collection of grease residue accumulating in the corners near an open-flame burner. It’s been a long shift, he is exhausted, and he knows he should clean all grease off all cook surfaces, but he clocks out instead and leaves it for the next day. He does this nightly for about a month and forgets about the grease pile – until a fire breaks out at his station at 11:30 am on a Saturday lunch rush.

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Four Questions to Ask Your Vendor

Remember the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It might as well be the golden rule of the facilities management industry. It is especially true when an FM selects vendors to execute a project list. The success of your own projects often depends on…

Three Keys to a Successful Roll Out

Rollouts can be tricky due to so many moving parts, but the key to managing a successful one includes three crucial components: one point of contact, centralized scheduling, and daily communication. Without these aspects it is nearly impossible to execute an effective and stress-free multimillion-dollar rollout.

Real Stories From Facility Managers: The Water Leak From Hell

The sound of rushing water underneath the bar floor is a sound no facility manager wants to hear. Immediately, you start to think “This is the absolute worst time for a major water leak. It’s Friday night at 8pm. This place is packed. How much is this repair job going to cost? How much revenue are we going to lose?” And then you start scrambling.

The List

When I was in college, the list usually referred to my list of classes, which changed each semester, and acute care was given to avoid 8:00 am or Friday afternoon classes. Once I was married, the list usually dictated how my Saturdays would be spent; fix a sprinkler, hang a new towel rack, pressure wash the deck or eves…you get the point. Different list entirely.

Setting the Standard

RFS® exceeds industry norms when it comes to qualified, knowledgeable associates. This is the most evident with our full-time, professional Project Managers who set the standard by holding GC Licenses, MBA's, and/or comparable renovation or construction experience. They use their...

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We're Growing

We are pleased to announce that RFS will soon be expanding into Texas. This strategic initiative puts our resources closer to the client, accelerating response times, and ultimately enriching our relationships with our clients and affiliates in the region.

Turning Thanks Into Gratitude

As this year winds towards the end of November and into the holiday season, it is naturally a great time to reflect and be thankful for so many things. It is said that thankfulness is the beginning of happiness.

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This Veterans Day...

Ninety-Nine years ago on November 11th, 1918 the world celebrated as Armistice Day was proclaimed across Europe and the United States. World War I finally ended.

Top Restaurant Brands on the Rise

Technology continues to impact our industry as consumers are increasingly inclined to interact with digital ordering options. With online delivery expected to more than double in the next five years, are you prepared to cater to evolving consumer expectations?

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RFS Expands Southeast Presence

RFS, a leading general contractor in the restaurant and senior living facilities industries, is pleased to announce an expansion to the Atlanta area to accommodate rapid growth and more effectively serve clients nationwide.

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