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Bob hung up the phone and walked out to the parking lot to catch some air. It had been a frustrating morning. He was struggling to see how his project could still be completed on time. Three months ago, Bob (whose name has been changed), a Facility Manager for a nationwide restaurant brand, was working with a general contractor who was completing a list of improvements and ADA accessibility projects to the patio. The team ran into a series obstacles as the job progressed. Among other issues, they faced complications with the city permitting department which threatened to derail the project. Bob depends on his GC to handle permitting issues, and in this case permitting was causing significant delays . In the phone conversation, the contractor explained to Bob that his company would be unable to continue with the project. He decided to pull out of the job.

This left Bob with a looming deadline, an disgruntled onsite operations manager, several uncomfortable calls from corporate, and a patio which could not be monetized because of the incomplete project.


We say “Discover the RFS® Difference,” but what does that actually mean?


Bob decided to give RFS® a call a few minutes after the previous contractor backed out of the project; and that call always goes to his single point of contact, Joe, the RFS® Client Relations Manager. Joe immediately engaged Daniel, the RFS® Project Manager in this specific region, and Daniel arranged to meet Bob onsite within the next several days to review the scope of work. During their walkthrough, Bob sensed Daniel and the RFS® team could execute a broader project scope than originally anticipated. This was a relief to Bob, as he was able to get his “Phase 2” improvements accomplished simultaneously due to the efficiency and skill of the RFS® team. The moment RFS® took over, Daniel jumped into the permitting process with local officials. He skillfully resolved the unique permitting obstacles this job faced and was able to get the project moving quickly. Bob was especially grateful for Daniel’s work with the permitting office as it spoke to his attention to detail and perseverance.

Daniel also visited the job site several times throughout the project, providing peace of mind to Bob. It was good to know Daniel was monitoring the project closely as Bob’s presence was needed at other locations. Bob received daily tie down photos and status updates from Daniel in order to relay current project information to operations staff and corporate. 

When everything was said and done, Bob came through in a clutch situation for his company. The project was finished on time, even after the obstacles with the original contractor. Bob expressed thanks to Daniel and the RFS® team throughout the project for his willingness to accept responsibility and deliver tangible results. 


Our passion is making Facility Managers like Bob shine in difficult situations. If you’re not satisfied with your contractor, it’s time to give the Trusted Facility Experts® at RFS® a call. You’ll be glad you discovered the RFS® Difference. 



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