RFS® is proud to offer comprehensive service to restaurants with airport concepts.

Airports run on a different timetable. So do we. RFS® crews work at night and accommodate the unique hours of an airport concept so the doors stay open. Our goal as a general contractor is to help you generate revenue, even when major repairs or routine facility work is needed.

Security procedures and background checks can pose unique challenges in restaurant facilities work in airports. RFS® is uniquely positioned to operate in airport settings because we take the time to accurately complete all security requirements needed to service your facilities. Our administrative team ensures techs and PMs are properly cleared so FM’s don’t have to perform these tasks.



Our crews work at night to ensure minimal disruptions to your business operations. Our process allows you to keep the doors open- even during major projects.


Our process driven approach sets us apart. Consistent communication keeps you informed and on the front end of projects; helping you keep operators and corporate happy.


Our team sets the standard by holding GC licenses and MBAs. RFS® specializes in proactively managing facilities and finances to ensure a smooth business experience.

If your brand operates facilities in airports, it’s time to consider RFS® for all your facility needs.
We aren’t brokers. When you work with RFS®, you work with RFS®.

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