Real Stories From Facility Managers: The Water Leak From Hell

The sound of rushing water underneath the bar floor is a sound no facility manager wants to hear. Immediately, you start to think “This is the absolute worst time for a major water leak. It’s Friday night at 8pm. This place is packed. How much is this repair job going to cost? How much revenue are we going to lose?” And then you start scrambling.

You call your local plumber to come take a look and he can’t figure it out. Then you try a leak detection company and they can’t locate the leak. No one can seem to figure out the issue. Several more days pass and your water bill arrives in the mail. It’s five times the usual amount. That’s the last straw. You need to get someone in the restaurant immediately to fix this problem.

And then it occurs to you, “I need to call RFS!”

This is a true story that occurred in a high-end restaurant of one of our clients. When we received the call, an RFS crew was immediately dispatched to the restaurant- arriving the very same day.

Our project leader, Mark, was able to pinpoint the water leak so quickly and accurately, he was offered a job on the spot by the leak detection company who couldn’t locate the link.

The leak was under the server station in the bar area. The RFS crew began by pulling out the trough drain and quickly discovered the entire water line to the bar was faulty. They proceeded to trench out the floor through the slab and run new water lines to fix the issue. Our crew self-performed all the replacement work for specialty tile and finishes to make sure the restaurant was restored to original condition. This extensive project was completed in only six days to our client’s exact specifications.

The best news of this water leak disaster for our client? RFS was able to complete this project entirely at night which resulted in no loss of revenue to our client. The FM was sent daily tie down photos and project updates to keep them apprised on the status of the job. Our client was thrilled with the finished product and the responsiveness of RFS.

Next time you have a crisis at 8pm on a Friday, give RFS a call. We respond. We self-perform. We get the job done at night- so you don’t lose a dime.


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