RFS® is a trustworthy leader in the facilities industry.  We’re committed to making your job easier by doing ours with excellence.

Our 30+ years of experience means we know your applications.  We’ve found our unique skill set and process-driven approach set us apart from other facilities general contractors. 


See why we are the Trusted Facility Experts®


We understand how difficult your job is.

Our availability, quick response, and dedicated processes are designed to reduce your stress and lessen your load.  Our entire existence as a company is about you!



RFS® knows shutting down your operation for repairs or maintenance during peak hours isn’t a reality. Our crews are available day or night to ensure minimal disruptions to your business operations.


If you encounter an issue requiring immediate repair, RFS® crews are quick to respond and repair the problem as fast as possible.  In many cases we have your facility operational the next morning. 

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