Keep the “Main Thing” the “Main Thing”

There’s something about the start of a new year which encourages us to refocus our priorities. Why? The daily grind of the can be tedious and distracting. It’s easy to get caught up in tangents and lose sight of mission. As businessman and author Stephen Covey is famous for saying, you’ve got to work hard to “keep the main thing the main thing.” If you work with RFS, you will notice very quickly what our “main thing” is. We are a full-service facilities General Contractor which exists to lighten the load of Facility Managers. 

You may have noticed in 2019, we rolled out our new tagline “Trusted Facility Experts.” What’s the big deal about a tagline? The 10 best marketing slogans of all time, regardless of the source, should include “Just Do It”, “Melt in your mouth, not in your hands”, and “Breakfast of Champions”.   When you hear these slogans, the name of the brand instantly is top-of-mind.  Taglines bring clarity of purpose, can capture a company’s culture or values, and should absolutely align with the company’s product or service offering.  

We are Trusted. 

If you talk to our repeat clients, they will tell you the same thing: RFS answers when you call. Our main priority is helping you navigate complex facility challenges when you need us most. This reliability stems from the way we run our company. Not only are we application experts at the job site, with skilled craftsmen who are “RFS Certified”, but we have developed business processes which speak to this expertise as well. RFS has an industry reputation of integrity and ethical business practices. From quoting to invoicing, our financial practices are transparent and conducted with integrity. 

We are all about Facilities. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a chain of hotels in Hawaii or a portfolio of restaurants in the Southeast, we’ve got you covered. Our entire strategy, onboarding process, and operations strategy is focused on what we do best- helping facility managers with their most complex challenges. Check out our full list of both planned and emergency services here. We function at our highest capacity when we are serving FM’s who battle the daily grind of a multi-location portfolio all while keeping corporate happy. 

We are the Experts. 

RFS employs a team of Project Manager and Technical Crews with industry-leading knowledge and expertise. Our Project Managers, many of whom hold General Contractor licenses and advanced degrees, make it their point to become students of the way you want your facilities ran. We meticulously train our crews on best practices for your brand so that jobs are self-performed according to your specifications. To best serve FM’s located all across the country, our Project Managers and Technical Crews are strategically located in geographic hubs. This allows us to respond quickly to requests for site visits, quotes, and emergencies from our Facility Managers. RFS is uniquely positioned to handle your entire portfolio of facilities with consistent, professional service on every job- regardless of the location of your facility. 


Our “main thing” at RFS is helping Facility Managers be successful. If you’re ready to work with the Trusted Facility Experts at RFS, let’s get started. Click the button below to get in contact with an RFS Client Relations Specialist today.


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