Two Guys Walk into a Bar and Smell Something Bad

Sounds like the start of a joke, but in reality the joke is probably going to be on the operator of the bar in question. We’ve all experienced that unpleasant odor. You walk in and smell something that resembles a cross between an old wet mop, soda syrup and bad eggs. There is another visible piece of evidence we’ve all seen from time to time too. Fruit flies.

When a restaurant and bar is dealing with odors or asking how to get rid of bar flies on a reoccurring basis, there are some obvious culprits to consider.

It isn’t that the operations crew doesn’t clean properly. They probably do. The problem very likely lies below the surface and often is a sign that bar die repair and bar renovation is sorely needed. Bars have an inherit issue: they serve liquid. All forms of liquid and in many different delivery methods.

The spillage from a pour on the bar isn’t really the problem. Instead, the lines that run under and through the bar and bar die, the coolers, freezers, sinks, beer taps, refrigeration and drains that have lines running to and from them and ultimate the floor drainage in this area  can all become suspects in a noxious and destructive mystery resulting in bad smells.

If your restaurant and bar have an unpleasant odor you can quite pinpoint, if you have complaints from guests about a bad smell, your bar has obvious visible leakage, folks simply are not sticking around for another drink or, worse yet, are not coming back at all, it is probably time to consult with experts in restaurant renovations and bar die repair.

Your business doesn’t have to suffer necessarily. We have a great deal of experience with issues like this and have identified the best ways to make the most of a bar die repair and bar renovation- all without disrupting the normal operations of the bar. If you’re looking for a fruit fly remedy and want to know how to get rid of bar flies, Regions Facility Services can help. When you are ready to remove this issue (and the longer you wait the worse it usually becomes) and return your bar to a clean smelling and pleasant place for your guests, reach out to the experts who will walk you through this very manageable bar and bar die renovation.

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Hey! What’s that smell?