Hey! What’s that smell?

Whether your business sits in a flood zone in one of the southern states, along the New Jersey shoreline or nestled ‘safely’ far from damaging storms and floods, water damage can be a problem from a myriad of origins.

You may think water damage only occurs from flooding, but even on the nicest clear day, water damage can occur, leaving your facility (and your budget) soaked. Whether the issue is a leaking pipe or an old roof, the damage can be devastating.

Follow Your Nose If you detect a musty smell, it may be telling you something. Unfortunately, if the water intrusion is already causing an odor, the damage may be serious. Taking the time to inspect areas on a regular basis can avoid expensive and valuable time lost to renovations and water damage repair.

Kitchen Equipment Check out your water heaters, dish machines, line equipment and air conditioning units. The age of equipment can be a major factor. Water supply lines on dish machines and sinks may develop leaks. Hundreds of gallons of water can escape and significant restaurant water damage can occur to the building and property inside.

Pipes and Drains Have you checked pipes and drains recently? These systems are susceptible to backups and overflows, which lead to issues with toilets and sinks. In the winter, pipes can freeze, burst and damage the building and property. An eighth-inch (three millimeter) crack in a pipe can release up to 250 gallons of water a day.

Roofing Deteriorated, missing or damaged roofing materials allow water to enter through the roof and damage ceilings, walls and floors. Exposure to wind, rain and other weather can also affect a roof’s effectiveness.

Inspect your building A regular inspection and maintenance schedule for the exterior building structure and interior equipment and fixtures may help reduce or prevent the need for costly water damage repair.

In some cases, damage from water intrusion is easy to identify. In other cases, a bit of detective work is necessary. Water intrusion can result in expensive water damage remediation if left to its own devices. When checking for damage from water intrusion, remember that the site of water damage does not always indicate its source.

If you aren’t sure how to proceed, contact RFS or another reputable facility management company for direction. A simple phone call with preventative maintenance in mind can make a world of difference.

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