Football Excitement

As the hot summer begins to wind down and give way to the refreshing brisk days of autumn, it means we are approaching one of the greatest times of the year: It is football season! With each new season the excitement builds as you get a chance to see how the new pieces are used to build on the existing structure of last year’s team. Everyone is undefeated and as fans we conjure up the images of greatness that this year can bring. Whether you prefer college, NFL or fantasy football this is the time of year we have all been waiting for.

We at RFS have this same sense of excitement when completing a renovation for our clients, the excitement of increased efficiency, the excitement of an updated atmosphere, the excitement of improved customer satisfaction, and the excitement of increased sales for the restaurant.

Just as teams can suffer from poor free-agent signings, underwhelming draft picks, and aging stadiums, a restaurant can also suffer from similar decisions in their business. Its brand can suffer from a less than desired layout, poor contractor performance and aging infrastructure. Your restaurant is as much the face of your business as your employees and marketing campaigns are; ensuring the restaurant is modern, consistent to the brand, and appealing to your customers is extremely important.

Every renovation is like a new season for us, we draft the right technicians for the project, we game plan, taking into consideration the critical paths of each project, and then execute the game plan. Throughout the process, communicating our game plan and progress with the facility manager to ensure that every project is a win. So, as football season approaches it’s a great reminder for us of how we should be doing business year-round.

On your next renovation project, let the RFS team bring the excitement of remodeling the renovation experience to you.

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