Are you watching the Olympics?

Everyone seems to be caught up in the Olympics.  We love to see America dominate swimming and gymnastics.  Some of you were disappointed our Women’s Soccer Team went out so early.  Many of you like to see our millionaire basketball players wreak havoc on the global stage against lesser opponents, while others silently root for Australia or France to upset our privileged hoopsters. One thing I think all of us who view the Olympics have in common is the fact that we are collectively exhausted.  I don’t know anyone who is caught up in the Olympics who has been able to turn off the TV before finding out the outcome of our Ladies Beach Volleyball team, or whether one of our gymnasts was going to be able to hang on to the gold medal in the vault.  And it appears that NBC has the perfect formula for making us all stay up until 11:45 pm to find out.  I know I’m tired of being tired (but not too much so to turn off the TV because the alarm is going off in five and a half hours).

When I get tired, and start to whine to myself (or on a blog page) about it, I immediately think about our technicians in the field.  At RFS, one of our core value propositions is that we provide our clients with continuous operation of their facility.  Our technicians embrace this value proposition and understand the mission critical role they play in the success of our client’s business.  Therefore, our clients are able to stay open every day and continue to have an uninterrupted revenue stream because our technicians show up at closing, work through the night, and turn the facility over to the opening operations crew clean and ready to use the next morning.

I’m thankful for our technicians, and I know our clients are too.  They do a great job representing the RFS brand at the front line.  Our technicians aren’t the only ones who work through the night, there are plenty of 24 hour operations – health care, military, law enforcement, many of our industries and manufacturers – the list is long.  So when I start to get a little bit whiney about staying up too late – to watch the Olympics – I check my poutiness, and think about our technicians getting the job done while I sleep.  Our technicians do a fantastic job helping RFS Remodel the Renovation Experience – and we are thankful for it.  So, next time you meet someone who works nights, to make our lives more enriching – tell ‘em thanks.  This blog is my way of saying thanks to the technicians at RFS.

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