Community Center Receives Much Needed Renovation by RFMA

When we stop for a moment and pause from our busy schedules, we can take a look around at our community and find people and services that truly give back in a meaningful way. More often than not, these community services and organization can benefit tremendously with a little help.

That’s one of the many reasons why the Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) created the RFMA Gives Project. This year’s project offers meaningful ways to give back to a community for years to come and includes philanthropy from some of the best in the industry.

Following the successful completion of two RFMA Gives remodel projects in California and Colorado, RFMA members began looking for ways that they can get together and give back in their own communities. In Central Florida, the RFMA members found The Seminole County Public School System which hosts the Midway Safe Harbor’s “Last Best Chance”.

RFS is honored to have been selected as the Prime Contractor for the 2013 RFMA Gives project for the Last Best Chance and will be donating their services for this extremely worthy cause.

The Last Best Chance program impacts students, teachers and parents alike. The positive environment surrounding the program is helping youth put a priority on education and personal goals for success. Students are comfortable working with certified teachers and youth experts aimed at helping them improve the quality of their life by succeeding in school.

“Our entire team is honored to have been selected as the prime contractor” Ron Wilhite, President of RFS. “We have already begun preliminary design meetings with Brenda Knight and her team.”

There is a very real buzz of excitement surrounding the RFMA Gives project to benefit the Last Best Chance. Program Director Brenda Knight understands these efforts to improve their facility will touch many lives in very positive ways.

“Through the improvements and upgrades that your teams are proposing, our center will be able to increase the number of students and amount of meals we are able serve,” says Knight. “In addition, we will now be able to offer cooking and health food preparation classes to the teens, parents and senior citizens that visit our center. The Seminole County Public Schools Food Service Director has offered our center for classes on food handling and if students complete the course they will be able to receive a food service handling certificate, which will assist them in attaining a job in a local restaurant.”

This is just the beginning of an exciting process to bring a much needed resource to an important community in Central Florida. As the project gets off the ground, look back here for updates and exciting developments with photos and more!

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