A Real (Kitchen) Walk Off Home Run

Nothing is quite as disturbing to restaurant goers as the appearance or perception of a dining area that isn’t sufficiently clean. A dingy carpet or less than appealing smell can turn off a diner’s experience more effectively than bad service or food.

So what are some of the things a restaurant manager can do to not only improve customer experience, but save money on costly flooring updates? The solution may be much easier and less expensive than you might think. Properly installed restaurant walk off mats in transition areas between dining and back of house areas can have several immediate and long term advantages.

Second, reducing dirt and moisture in work areas with standard hard flooring can also improve safety which directly affects health benefits and insurance premiums. Kitchen walk off mats with holes for drainage reduce and channel away spills keeping areas safe for employees. High traffic areas are also often high probability for potential accidents.

Also, safety is always a major factor when choosing flooring options and a temporary or portable kitchen walk off mat can be a serious tripping hazard. Portable restaurant walk off mats tend to shift and corners often curl up creating dangerous conditions for your guests and employees.

A properly installed kitchen walk off mat not only removes these risks, but looks much more professional and pleasing to the eye.

Finally, being green can also save some green. When choosing restaurant walk off mats, look for styles that will look better for longer periods and require less upkeep. It’s a simple way to make some eco-friendly changes to your business that is also budget-friendly for the long term.

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