Heart of House

Many restaurant concepts refer to their back-of-house areas (kitchen, prep, service bar, etc.) as their "Heart of House" given these areas are the epicenter and soul of existence. Nothing is more urgently required for sustainability or works harder than the heart. When we mortals have issues with our own hearts, we go to the very best in class of those most qualified to "work on" our hearts. These experts are known as cardiologists and can be entrusted with getting things back in proper working order with minimal disruption to the heart and interrelated systems. Just as the heart pumps blood through the circulatory system, the Heart of House is pumping out exceptional culinary delights and service.

Our clients, and those we want to help become our clients, place the greatest faith in us to consistently serve as their "cardiologist" when their heart is in need of urgent care and with minimal disruption.

Good health, in the human body or in a restaurant, begins with the heart. Just as one would demand the best for their heart health, so too should they for the best health of their heart of house!

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