Trend In Kitchen Display Systems

RFS announced today that they have just completed the installation of a Kitchen Display System for a large 360+ multi-location restaurant chain.  Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) provide real time order information from the front of house to all areas of kitchen operations for fulfillment.  The information is distributed via easy to use graphical interfaces and allows for continuous updates ensuring for best utilization of kitchen equipment and resources.  Additional efficiencies are gained by real time monitoring of data against internal benchmarks allowing for immediate detection of issues with swift resolution.

RFSe has recognized a growing trend in the leveraging of technology to assist in the management of kitchen and front of house operations.  RFS has recently made great investments to combine its traditional understanding of physical facilities management with current restaurant specific technology platforms including Kitchen Display Systems and Online Meeting/Conferencing.  This combined expertise allows RFS to become a partner to its clients and assist in managing operations from all segments of the business.

“Restaurants continuously look for ways to increase customer service and manage their internal processes,” said Ron Wilhite, Chief Executive Officer of RFS.  “The convergence of real time information, the internet, and mobile technology (like iPads and tablets) has allowed for a new paradigm in restaurant management.”

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