Prototype Commercial Bar Design Upgrade

RFS announced today that a Top-25 U.S. Foodservice Revenue nationwide restaurant concept has selected the company to complete a prototype commercial bar design upgrade. “We are pleased to be selected as the builder for this upgrade project,” says Ron Wilhite, RFS CEO. “Companies continue to come to us for work that is integral to their success in a very competitive market, and is a testimony to the quality, innovation and craftsmanship we bring to every project.” The client reported that the previous successes RFS garnered in launching a roll out initiative for a similar prototype brand upgrade in a 350-plus sister restaurant chain was a key component in the selection process.

According to Wilhite, this project is to be completed in two separate phases. “We want to use this two-phased approach in order to make sure there is minimal disruption on either side of the bar,” he says. “Guests deserve a pleasurable experience for their money. The bar and restaurant crews also deserve to work in an environment where they can provide the excellent service guests expect. We believe the two-phase approach ensures that these expectations are met.” Once the prototype commercial bar is built out, it is anticipated that the brand will roll out the upgrade to their remaining 30-plus restaurant locations across the country.

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