Dining Room Odor Issue | Knoxville, Tennesee

RFS was hired to troubleshoot an unresolved odor issue in the dining room. Repeated repair attempts by a local contractor left the problem unresolved and RFS was called in to investigate. RFS discovered a plumbing issue and completed the project within three days with no interruption to restaurant service.

Due to an odor issue in the dining room that remained unresolved after repeated repair attempts by a local contractor, RFS was called in to investigate and complete the repairs. After our initial investigation, we found cast iron vent stack issues and a water leak in the wall behind the restrooms and storage room.

With no interruption to service, over three nights, we removed three layers of existing wall, completely replaced the vent stack piping, repaired copper water line, replaced the existing finish wall in the dining room, and new fiber reinforced polymer in the storage room. No odor has been present since completion of this project.

Project Details

Project Goals
Eliminate dining room odor issue

Project Timeline
3 Days

Project Work
Wall removal, vent stack piping replacement, copper water line repair, wall replacement

Interruption of Service