Dining Room and Bar Upgrade | Boston, MA

Joe’s American Bar & Grill is a neighborhood, waterfront, “high end” sports bar with incredible cuisine.  They used their upstairs as a private dining room for parties and events for years, and asked RFS to help give the upstairs a full facelift that included new floors, ceilings, and wallcoverings, and a totally renovated bar, with custom granite counters and new services.

The end product would transform a large traditional group dining space to a completely refreshed Atlantic Fish Lite – an offshoot of the Tavistock brand, with a slightly reduced menu.  The reason for this renovation was to increase the number of available seats, and the number of turns available during peak times – ultimately increasing revenue and asset utilization of the space.

We accomplished all of this in five days, with no disruption to the “downstairs operation”, no onsite parking or trash storage; all done in the spring, in Boston (height of tourist season), in the densely populated Faneuil Hall area of Boston.  And the client ended up raving fans, having accomplished their business objectives, as well as providing more hours to their employee shifts, and enhancing the Atlantic Fish brand.




Project Details

Project Goals
Full facelift that included new floors, ceilings, wallcoverings, and a totally renovated bar,

Project Timeline
Spring, in Boston

Project Work
Five days

Interruption of Service
No disruption to the “downstairs operation”