Kitchen Renovation

With nationwide growth came new opportunities to use our specialized renovation techniques and our involved process of completing work while keeping facilities operational.  Since the beginning, we have fulfilled the space that includes jobs that are too complex for a handyman, but too small for large mechanical contractors to mobilize.

While we have worked complex and time sensitive jobs that require round the clock deadlines, the majority of our work is at night.  Before leaving for the day, we “tie down” our work and turn over the facility to allow you to stay operational during the project.

We began working with senior living facilities, as a logical progression of our abilities, meeting our own expectations every day, completing work on time and on budget, by the time we turn the keys over for them to begin breakfast prep at 6:00 am.

Our expertise has allowed us to expand to other industries that don’t have time to postpone their operations but require unique applications like equipment installation, flooring replacements (subflooring, foundation repair, tile replacement and regrout), dish ring repair, drywall and millwork replacement and repair, flooring (carpet, tile, wood, laminate), wall covering (both paint and paper), wall tile, glass work, door replacement, ceiling tile grids, lighting, and plumbing.

We self-perform all of this with Project Managers strategically located around the country, in-house associate crews, and trusted affiliates to ensure your project is completed to your specifications.

When work is complete, we conduct a walk through and a punch list to ensure your satisfaction.  Lastly, all of the above is managed to achieve high performance through an internal quality program that ensures quality work and consistency in our processes.

"RFS completed a very complex kitchen renovation that included sub-flooring, tile & grout, ceiling tile grids, and equipment installs - that we had a very difficult time getting general contractors to even look at, much less quote or attempt. While completing the initial site visit, before estimating, they were able to identify the root cause of some of our sub-flooring issues, and recommend additional drainage.  They completed all of this work at night, with zero disruption to our operations. And best of all, there were no change orders - they identified the scope of the job correctly the first time, so we could budget accordingly and keep the surprises to a minimum. I would highly recommend RFS for similar work."

Gary Morgan | District Maintenance Director, Holiday