Prototype Bar Upgrade | Tampa, Florida

When a restaurant organization of both multiple concepts and locations across a large geographic area decides to implement a bar remodel program, the ability to work closely with a trusted vendor partner is paramount to the effort’s success. When Bahama Breeze decided to test a new bar remodel design concept in one of its legacy locations, they chose to partner with RFS.

Integrating new design features into an existing space requires a dedication to program success from all participants. All too often, existing constraints to the physical components of a restaurant space can conflict with the studio design elements. Working very closely with the restaurant and bar design team, millwork manufacturer, lighting suppliers and other mission-critical vendors, RFS successfully delivered a bar remodel design upgrade product that had both restaurant operations and their guests excited to see not only the end results, but also the daily progress. Working during the restaurant’s non-operational hours, all components of this extensive project were completed with absolutely no disruption to normal bar operations. Bahama Breeze now has a prototype model ready for system-wide implementation.