Site visits, estimates, and professional project management ensure your projects are successful.

Our goal is to minimize surprises for you, and ensure that you “shine” with your “clients” and corporate stakeholders.  We do this by conducting a site visit for all complex work, to ensure an accurate estimate for both cost and time, and more importantly to seek out root cause for the issue we are being called upon to repair.  The site visits are conducted by the same RFS® Certified Project Manager who will be managing your project, our crews, and providing you with daily photos and a “tie-down” of your project.  These daily updates are provided in a professional digital format that you can easily forward to the people on your team who care most about a particular project.

 For larger projects (typically greater than a week, or involving multiple trades), your RFS® Certified Project Manager will provide all of the activities described above, and will also conduct a Pre-Construction meeting with all of the project stakeholders, a preliminary Gantt Chart for the project, and will update your stakeholders weekly with a revised schedule, and any changes to scope that you have approved, to ensure expectations are being managed in real time with your team.  We understand you are busy, and have lots to keep up with, and that’s why we work hard to communicate consistently throughout each project.

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Cookline Installation

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